Forgive the Feelings-Chapter 1

Sherlock looked at John and sighed. “I do not take guests in my mind place, not even you.” He said raising his eyebrows. “I wasn’t talking about me smart arse.” John replied. “I’m talking about your damsel in distress.” Sherlock instinctively knew who John was talking about, but he refused to admit it. “John I will let you know that the only damsel I know and even remotely enjoy is Mrs. Hudson.” Sherlock said just as Mrs. Hudson entered into the apartment doorway. “Remotely?” she asked confused. “Just go along with it nanny.” Sherlock whispered to her. “Just because I choose to aid you two children every so often, doesn’t make me your nanny.” she said walking into the kitchen. “I’ll take a cube of sugar in my tea please?” John said as she passed. “I’m not your maid or nanny dear…how many for you Sherlock?” She said grabbing the kettle. “None for me I have to go to my mind place, we don’t have maids there.” “You don’t have one here.” she replied, but her words went unheard. By the time she got the last word out Sherlock was on the couch eyes closed, sleeves rolled up exposing 5 nicotine patches on his arm. “He’s anteed it up to 5.” John said shaking his head. “How healthy.” he added sitting in his chair with the paper. “Much healthier than smoking dear.” Mrs. Hudson replied.  Just an hour later Sherlock emerged fingers on his temples. “How was it in no-man’s land?” John asked putting down the paper. “Lonely. Just the way I like.” “Bull.” John replied. “Well at least I liked it lonely before you showed up.” Sherlock said squinting at him. “Took you quite a while to read the paper today.” Sherlock said putting on his coat. “I was trying to drag it out.” he responded standing up. “Where are you off to?” he asked Sherlock who was now in full stride towards the door. “Out.” Sherlock replied. “Alright try not to get yourself killed then.” he said sitting back down in his chair. Sherlock opened the door and ran downstairs. John sighed and grabbed the first book he saw. “Lobotomy.” John rolled his eyes. Suddenly Sherlock’s head popped back in the doorway. “That’s it?” “What’s it?” John asked. “Nothing.” Sherlock disappeared back down the stairs, leaving the door wide open. “He must expect me to follow him.” John said cracking open the book. “Expectations can be so overrated.” he said starting to read the book. “You sure you’re not going to follow me?” Sherlock said reemerging in the doorway. “Why would I follow you?” John asked still gazing at the book. “Because you know about the damsel.” Sherlock said standing there. “What you do, with whom you do it with does not concern me.” John said turning the page. “There’s no way you read that page, that fast.” Sherlock said. “Maybe I like to speed read.” John said looking at Sherlock. “Or maybe you’re just pretending to read the book so you’ll make me think that you won’t follow me, when really you are going to follow me.” John looked at him for a second and then rolled his eyes. “Good night Sherlock.” he said putting the book back up to his face.  Sherlock looked around the room, without any words. “You still here.” John said skimming through the book. Sherlock slowly started to walk out of the apartment. “Are you sure?” he asked turning around. “Good bye Sherlock.” John said putting the book down. Sherlock walked into the cool air and looked over his shoulder. “John really doesn’t care.” he thought as he started to walk down the street. He suddenly caught a street camera following him down the street. “John isn’t the one I need to worry about.”  he thought pulling up his coat collar. Sherlock started down the street catching glances at the cameras on the corners. Each camera started to follow him slowly, each trying to be inconspicuous. “Mycroft my dear boy, we cannot be related.”  he thought with a smirk. He quickly side-stepped his way into an alley, catching a young man and woman off guard. He looked at them both in passing. “Don’t let me intrude Charley.” he said walking past. “My name is Rodger.” the guy replied. “Tell her that.” Sherlock yelled back exiting the alleyway. He had a slight smirk on his face. “Oh the world is so fascinatingly the same, the same discretions and failings.” Sherlock said under his breath. “Same love as well?” she said strolling up next to him. “Love is just a chemical reaction.” he replied looking straight ahead. She chuckled. “Which chemical are you?” she asked hooking her arm into his. “The sensible one.” he replied with a smile. They walked down the street until they came to a dark corner. “It’s quite dark down here.” she said turning to look at him. “Don’t tell me your night vision is gone.” he retorted. “I may swim in dark waters, but I don’t live in them.” she replied getting close to him. “That makes two of us.” he replied holding her. “Be careful,” she said. “Mycroft is watching.”  “When isn’t he watching?” Sherlock replied. “Well then let him watch this.” she kissed him lightly on the lips. He returned the kiss gently. “Until we meet again.” she said backing away from him. “Hopefully longer next time.” he said pulling her back in and kissing her. She pulled away 20 seconds later. “Definitely.” she said with a smile. She turned around and walked away. He stood there for a moment and sighed. “What am I going to do with and about her?” he thought to himself. “Irene Adler, why is it you?” He turned around and walked back home. Keeping his head down in thought most of the way. He stopped at the door, 221 Baker Street. “How much longer will I be here?” he asked himself. He shook his head and walked in. He started to head up the stairs when he heard voices. “Well where is he?” one of the voices said. “He went out.” John replied. “Out where?” the voice asked. “Out where you could not find me apparently.” Sherlock said entering the doorway. “Mr. Holmes, I’ve been sent to…” “What does Mycroft want now?” he asked. The agent was caught off guard. “Well there is a national security matter sir.” he replied. “There’s always a national security matter,” Sherlock retorted. “,it usually involves Mycroft’s ego and pride being put on the line.” he added. “Then why would we want to help?” John asked. Sherlock looked at him and smiled. “Sir he needs you.” the agent said. “Did he say that?” Sherlock asked. The agent hesitated. “Well…” “Exactly as I thought.” Sherlock said. “You’re new aren’t you?” Sherlock asked walking down the hallway to his room. “Well, yes sir.” the agent replied. “How did you know?” he asked Sherlock as he walked back towards him. “Your uniform has been pressed over three times. Your watch is new; you bought it for the new job. Your shoes have been shined more than five times, and your tie is in the straightest line it ever will be in.” Sherlock replied. “Not only are you new, you’re extremely nervous.” He stood right in front of the agent. “Well John?” he asked looking at his partner in solving crimes. John already had his coat and scarf on. “Ready when you are?” John replied standing up. “Agent Gregory.” Sherlock said pointing to the door. Agent Gregory looked at him eyebrows squinted. “You’re cufflinks have G’s and your watch is engraved.” Sherlock said marching out of the front door. John started behind him, and patted Agent Gregory on the shoulder. “You’ll get used to it eventually.” He said with a smirk.